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Every day tens of thousands of people search for places to eat on Restu, and good reviews greatly increase your chances of a guest choosing your business. Thanks to Restu, you can get regular feedback from guests who have visited your business on the basis of a confirmed reservation and show everyone how satisfied they were.

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Get valuable feedback

After consummating a reservation, guests will automatically be prompted to rate your business. You will get valuable feedback, which may include a text review or even photos.

  • Automatic submission of requests for ratings
  • Possibility to attach photos to the rating

Turn your guests into regular customers

Listen to the needs of your guests and turn them into regular customers. Thanks to clear statistics, you can monitor over time how satisfied your guests are and discover any shortcomings early on. What’s more, you can respond to reviews to show your guests that you care about their satisfaction.

  • Clear statistics
  • Opportunity to respond to ratings

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