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Why develop a Restu website for a restaurant?

At Restu we know what your website should look like and what devices your guests are using to browse the internet. We'll make the new restaurant webpages tailored to your guests with everything that they are expecting from a professional website.

  • A modern internet presentation in an attractive design.
  • Optimization for mobile devices (about 40% of all visits).
  • Automation of connection to data from Restu saves time.
  • Tested templates significantly increase the number of reservations.

Choose a website that is exactly right for you

Together we will select the variant which is the most appropriate for your business.

  • Restu free icon

    Restu free web

    Elementary web for presentation on the Internet.

    0 CZK

    + monthly fee CZK 550 *

    • The uniform immediately executable template
    • Option to insert your logo and make colour correction
    • Optimized for mobile phones
    • Connection to Restu data (menu, daily menu, opening hours, ...)
    • Maximum automation without possibility of changes
    I want the free web
  • Restu koncept icon

    Restu web concept

    Websites with greater options of editing and other adjustments.

    19 500 CZK

    + monthly fee CZK 550

    • Possibility to choose from the5 kinds of pre-built templates
    • Option to insert a logo, modify colours, change the background picture, adding a section to the website
    • Optimized for mobile phones
    • Connection to Restu data (menu, daily menu, opening hours, ...)
    • The layout of the website templates based on testing without modification
    I want the web concept
  • Restu exclusive icon

    Restu Exclusive web

    Unique Internet presentation. For those who are really serious about it.

    34 900 CZK

    + monthly fee CZK 550

    • The appearance of tailored websites with own graphics
    • Possibility of individual adjustments according to the wishes and needs of the restaurant
    • Optimized for mobile phones
    • Connection to Restu data (menu, daily menu, opening hours, ...)
    • The possibility of website expansion by further services (accommodation, sport,  ...)
    I want the exclusive web

* Alternatively, the price for the deployment CZK 6,000 plus monthly fee for hosting and development CZK 90. For more information about discounted promotion packages, contact your Restu manager or email us at

Other services

To each of the offered variants we will be happy to provide additional services.

Own domain icon

Own domain

If the restaurant wishes to have its own Internet address, we will be happy to help with the   selection and arrange the purchase of the domain for the standard price of CZK  200  /  year.

Own mailbox icon

Own mailbox

Diverting up to 5 mailboxes for free to the new email addresses. If you wish also storage for new emails, we can individually price that for you according to the needed size.

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