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Vouchers only for your restaurant

Would you like to sell vouchers for your restaurant but, you're afraid of complications with payment gateways? We have a solution for you.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are used by many guests as a popular gift for a birthday, namesday, anniversary or Christmas. Use Restu in a novel way and start selling gift vouchers today. With the Restu payment gateway you can easily sell vouchers, only valid for your restaurant, from your site. Starting to sell your own vouchers is simple and we will arrange everything, just contact us.

Gift vouchers to the restaurant

And what are the benefits?

  • Arbitrary values and vouchers validities
  • Voucher e-shop on your web and also in
  • A monthly reach of up to 500,000 potential guests
  • No worries with our online payment gateway
I want to launch the voucher e-shop
Voucher as a gift