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Prioritizations and banners

Make yourself visible to nearly 500 000 monthly users of the gastronomic guide or on the entire Czech Internet.


Be active and give customers a good reason to visit you - entice them back perhaps with a new menu, a themed brunch or irresistible seasonal menu.

  • Sponsored Restu mailing

    The significant banner statement in the footer of the nationwide mail (more than 150 000 people).

    Price per week from CZK 3 000
  • Exclusive Restu editorial mailing

    Separate mailing aimed at visitors of restaurants in the region of the business scope.

    Price for mail from CZK 2
  • Mail circulation "FOR YOU"

    Professional processing of an email campaign and subsequent distribution by a reliable sending tool to contacts supplied by you (legally obtained, for example dueelectronic reservation book ).

    Campaign data will be incorporated into an attractive template with the logo of the restaurant and the whole campaign will then be evaluated including other recommendations.

    Price for campaign from CZK 1 000 When ordering 5 or more distributions, a 10 % discount is applied and when ordering regular weekly distributions, a 25 % discount is applied.
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Restu mail campaign

Photo and video

Professional presentation of your business by using the interior and exterior photographs of the restaurant, including subsequent adjustments or creation of restaurant video presentations directly tailored to your business.

Professional presentation of your business by using  the interior and exterior photographs of the restaurant
  • Photo from the restaurant

    Photographing the interior and exterior of the restaurant, including photo editing. Representative photographs in high quality, useful for a future promotion.

    Price from CZK 2 500 The price for 5 professional photos, CZK 300 for each subsequent.
  • Video from the restaurant

    Shooting and the subsequent creation of professional restaurant video presentations. A short (up to 1 min - Café Amandine) or longer (up to 3 min - Etnosvět) videospot.

    Price from CZK 2 500 Advantages of seasonal thematic promotions under the auspices

Discounted Restu packages for restaurants

By combining some of the above mentioned marketing tools and channels into an advantageous package, you will get more space for a better price. *

  • Restu Mini package

    Restu Mini package

    • 2 weeks of the Restu prioritization
    • 2 weeks of Restu banner
    • Banners across the Internet
    Restu bonus

    Restu banner for 1 extra week

    I am interested in the package
  • Restu Standard package

    Restu Standard package

    • 3 weeks of the Restu prioritization
    • 3 weeks of Restu banner
    • Banners across the Internet
    Restu bonus

    Sponsored Restu mailing

    I am interested in the package

* The condition for usage of the advantageous Restu package is the realization of the promotion for a duration of one year. For more information about the discounted promotion packages contact your Restu manager or email us at

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Our services are using

We are directing more guests to restaurants in the Czechia than anybody else

Promotion of the restaurant affects the awareness of the restaurant and has a direct positive impact on the number of guests. The arrival of modern communication technologies are adding to the traditional options to give a very effective method of online restaurant promotion. The cornerstone of the successful online marketing of restaurant, bar and cafe is to make yourselves known on the Internet. The web and Facebook will bring guests to the restaurant only with proper promotion.

If you already have a restaurant profile on, you can freely publish the restaurant daily menu, degustation menu and any special offers. Additionally, you can communicate with up to 500 000 visitors per month thanks to banners and prioritizing or reach hundreds of thousands of registered restaurant visitors through the thematic mail promotion.

Prioritizations and banners price list

Restu prioritization and banners

Price for prioritization from CZK 1 000 per week

  • Platinum
  • CZK 1 000 per week
  • Gold
  • CZK 1 500 per week
  • Start
  • CZK 2 000 per week

Price for banner from CZK 1 000 per week

  • Platinum Brno
  • CZK 1 000 per week
  • Gold Brno
  • CZK 1 500 per week
  • Start Brno
  • CZK 3 000 per week
  • Platinum Praha
  • CZK 2 000 per week
  • Gold Praha
  • CZK 3 000 per week
  • Start Praha
  • CZK 4 000 per week

Banners across the Internet

A click through to the profile from CZK 4 / click

  • 5 000 clicks (CZK 4 per click)
  • CZK 20 000
  • 2 500 clicks (CZK 4.5 per click)
  • CZK 11 250
  • 1 000 clicks (CZK 5 per click)
  • CZK 5 000

Click through to the restaurant website (Platinum only) from CZK 7 / click

  • 5 000 clicks (CZK 7 per click)
  • CZK 35 000
  • 2 500 clicks (CZK 8 per click)
  • CZK 20 000
  • 1 000 clicks (CZK 9 per click)
  • CZK 9 000

Possibility of producing a unique banner for CZK 1 000 / piece

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Mailing price list

Sponsored Restu mailing

Price for banner from CZK 1 500

  • Platinum
  • CZK 3 000 / mail
  • Gold
  • CZK 5 000 / mail
  • Start
  • CZK 7 000 / mail

Exclusive Restu editorial mailing

Mail price from CZK 2 (minimum 5 000 people)

  • Platinum
  • CZK 2 / mail
  • Gold
  • CZK 3 / mail

Mail circulation "FOR YOU"

Price for campaign from CZK 1 000

  • Platinum
  • CZK 1 000 / campaign
  • Gold
  • CZK 1 500 / campaign
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Photos and video price list

Photo from the restaurant

Price from CZK 2 500

  • 5 professional photos
  • CZK 2 500
  • Each following photo
  • CZK 300

Video from the restaurant

Mail price from CZK 8 000

  • Short videospot (up to 1 minute)
  • CZK 8 000
  • Longer videospot (up to 3 minutes)
  • CZK 12 000
Request photo or video