The #BEZPECNARESTAURACE initiative brings together businesses that have voluntarily committed to the Safe Restaurant Code and are committed to strict, clearly visible hygiene measures to ensure the safety of their guests and staff as much as possible.

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Why to get involved

Why to get involved

After reopening, restaurants and other hospitality businesses are likely to attract less guests than prior to COVID-19 not only due to deteriorating economic conditions, but also because of the potential public concern about the possibility of further infection.

The purpose of the #BEZPECNARESTAURACE project is to promote establishments where owners take safety measures seriously. Such businesses mitigate guests’ concerns about getting infected and allow them to enjoy fully their dining experience. A media campaign involving all partners within this initiative will help raise awareness of the restaurants involved and increase the chances of higher sales.

How to get involved

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    Read the Safe Restaurant Code and verify that all the topics in your business are addressed

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    If you meet the requirements of the Code, click on the “I am a safe restaurant” button and fill out a short questionnaire to help us identify your business

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    After a quick verification of the data, we will include your establishment in the selection of Safe restaurant on restu.cz and we will send you the Code in PDF format, which you can print out and show to the guests in your restaurant


  • Safe seating space

    Guests are seated at a distance of at least 1.5 m from other guests or those passing by with the exception of guests sitting at the same table.

  • Marking waiting areas

    The operator will ensure the placement of signs for a minimum spacing of 2 meters in all areas for waiting guests, including the area in front of the toilet.

  • Disinfection of tables and equipment

    Tables and chairs are always disinfected before seating new guests; the food pick up window is disinfected at least every 2 hours.

  • Hand disinfection

    Disinfection solution is available for staff and guests at clearly marked locations, especially at the entrance to the establishment.

  • Staff protection

    Staff on site and in the kitchen wear masks and clean work clothes, regularly disinfect and wash hands, and use gloves when accepting payments.

  • Regular inspection of staff

    If an employee has a body temperature of 37°C and higher or shows other symptoms of COVID-19, he/she is prevented from entering the establishment.

  • Contactless payment

    The operator allows guests to make contactless payments and disinfects the payment terminal keypad after each PIN entry.

  • Transparent communication

    The operator informs guests about the above rules on the premises of the establishment and ideally also on websites and social networks and actively guides customers to comply with these rules.

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More information

Current versions of official documents, recommendations, regulations, instructions and other practical information on measures in connection with COVID-19 can be found on websites of these institutions:

  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic – www.mfcr.cz
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade – www.mpo.cz
  • Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank – www.cmzrb.cz
  • Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic z.s. – www.ahrcr.cz
  • Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs – www.amsp.cz
  • MAKRO ČR – www.makro.cz
  • Rules for the release of measures from 25 May – www.mzcr.cz

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  • MAKRO.cz - Current state rules and sanitation requirements

    Current state rules and sanitation requirements

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