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Online reservationsUse a simple reservation system which makes everything easier

More than 50 % of all reservations are done online, up to 20 % are made outside of opening hours. This is why we have created an electronic reservation book that helps you avoid missing out on reservations and saves you time.

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The electronic reservation book is the perfect helper in running a particularly large establishment, giving us a perfect overview of the occupancy of the restaurant.

Restaurant SIA

Guest bookKnow your guests better and turn them into regular customers

When your guests know you care about them, they will visit your restaurant more often. With our handy online guest book, you will have all the information together. It’s perfect for a personal approach.

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The sophisticated online booking system allows you to conveniently and easily reserve tables in our restaurants to the satisfaction of ourselves and our guests.

Restaurant Kolkovna Restaurants

Restu profileMake yourself known and find new customers

Be seen online. Every day thousands of people in the Czech Republic use Restu as a restaurant guide. Entice them with your profile to find new guests. Simply share your current menu and upload some high-quality photographs.

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When we want to let guests know what's new, Restu is here.

Restaurant T.G.I. Friday's

Reach new guests thanks to our marketing

Restaurant extra promo

The most effective promotion is where guests look for restaurant information including their ratings themselves. See the options for promotion with Restu and start promoting your business online.

Sell gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are used by many guests as birthday, name day or Christmas presents.

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